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  • Please Be Respectful Of all Chat Corner Users, Listeners & Staff

  • Starz1Radio Is An All Inclusive Online Radio Station, No Racism , Bullying , Personal Attacks Or Harassment Will Be Tolerated Or You Will Be Banned Permanently!

  • Please Keep Your Political And Religous Views Out Of The Chat Corner, Let's Have Fun And Enjoy The Music! Also Remember, This Is Not A Brothel :-)

  • Swearing Or Sexual Explicit Chat Will Get You Tossed !

  • Keep Your Personal Information Out Of The Chat Corner, Remember We are Here to Have Fun, Relax, Dance, Listen To Great Music !

  • If You Spam The Door Of The Chat Corner Will Be Slammed To You! (Advertising Included!)

  • Please Only use Our Smilies in chat, due to copywrite issues. Also so we don't get X-Rated content by ill intent others, which will get the person banned. Ty 

  • Please use only 1 (one) name unless you are a DJ...if you need / want to change it notify Edna or a Station Manager...


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OverPlayed & Do Not Play List

               Updated 10/13/2020

                      We Do Not

                 Play Songs with/of

              Sexually Explicit Lyrics,                     Excessive Profanity (F-Bomb),                    Prejudice/Racial, or                                Political  Preference.

 Rolf Harris

 Bill Cosby

 DJ Discretion on Ted Nugent

 Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild   Side

 Johnny Cash - Hurt 

 Any Artist - Whisky Lullaby

 Any Artist - Suicide Is Painless